The rich history of Ulapgarh hill in Odisha’s Jharsuguda district: Watch

As per legends Pandavas stayed here for few days during ‘Agyantbas’. Veer Surendra Sai also lived here during his fight against Colonial rule

By: Himanshu Guru

Odisha has many places that are related not only to history, but also to the mythological period. Filled with flora and fauna, the Ulapgarh hill in Jharsuguda district of Odisha is one of these places. As per legends the Pandavas stayed here for few days during their stint of ‘Agyantabas’ (living in disguise) of one year.

Mythological & historical link

Ulapgarh hill, a little known tourist place in the Western Odishan district of Jharsuguda has many interesting tales. The locals claim the hill has 4000 year old history. It is said Pandavas spent some time here during their stint of ‘Agyantbas’ (living in disguise) of one year. During that time Arjuna married the Cobra princess.

As per legends, the name Ulapgarh has been given after the name of Ulupi, the princess of the Cobra kingdom (Nagakanya) whom the great archer Pandav Arjun married.

Besides,  freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai was reportedly living along with his associates in the caves of Ulapgarh hill during his fight against the Britishers.


Ulapgarh is situated at a distance of 7 km from Belpahad of Jharsuguda district, the nearest town. Belpahad is well connected through road and rail. After reaching Belpahad tourists can hire vehicle to reach this tourist destination.

What to see

Even today a dilapidated fort can be witnessed on this hill. Some stone inscriptions can also be seen in this hill that depicts mythological tales and historical events. Resource persons as well as tourists from the country and abroad visit here for the purpose of research.

A picnic spot

Ulapgarh is also a unique picnic spot. Picnickers’ groups are seen venturing here to spend some time in the lush green environment and in the lap of nature in a siren atmosphere.

Locals’ demand

However, despite Ulapgarh has been recognized as a tourist place by the Central government, the place is yet to be fully developed as a tourist destination. There is lack of proper road to the spot while there is no stairs to climb the hill to witness the historical evidences. Hence, the locals have demanded for communication and other facilities to Ulapgarh which also will create employment opportunities for them.

With inputs from Santosh Sahu, Jharsuguda

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