The rich history of Odisha’s Angul: Watch

As per reports, Angul is named after King Anu. Earlier, this place was also called 'Angulaka Pattana'

Angul is the industrial capital of Odisha located in the middle part of the State. The name Angul has come from ‘Angulaka Pattana’. It is said Angul has been named after a king (or Dalapati) named Anu. Ancient scriptures, cupper plate inscriptions, texts and references have many facts that convey about the reach tradition of Angul. As per reports, the place has been mentioned in the names Angulika Pattana, Naba Angulika Pattana, Angula Patika, Angula Pataka etc.

Situated in the middle part of the State Angul is also historically important. River Brahmani flows through this district. Post-independence, the district has earned glory as a major town.

The miniature rice dunes (Chaula punji) that are offered to the Goddess Kalapata at the Dhola daru of Purunagarh in Angul are given in the name of King Anu. He was said to be an ideal ruler. King Anu had shifted his capital from Purunakot to Purunagarh. Then he transformed it into a commercial centre. After Anu, Neta Bhanja became the king and he named the town as Angul after King Anu. The last independent king of this land is Somanath Singh Jagdev.

As per reports, Angul was part of the undivided Dhenkanal district till 1993. On April 1, 1993 it got a separate district status. Industries have largely bloomed here in the last few decades. NALCO, MCL, NTPC and TTP are the nationalized companies established in Angul. Also, the govt Autonomous College is in Angul. The locals have demanded University status for the college.

The Budhi Thakurani temple on the Suna Sagada hill is in the middle part of the district. The idol of the Goddess is made off black granite stone. Atop the hill the Shaila Shree Khetra was established in 2002. It has been constructed in the Puri Lord Jagannath temple style. The foundation for this temple was laid on Feb 21 in 1996. It was completed with the help of the locals and administration. Now it is famous in the name Shailashree Khetra. It was opened for public from Feb 22, 2002. People from other places visit here to see the temple.

As per legends there was a tribal man called Sunash who was using this hill as a fort. He was worshipping Budhi Thakurani as his prime goddess.

Former Odisha CM Nabakrushna Choudhury’s wife Malati Devi was a freedom fighter. She had actively taken part in the revolt against the Britishers for freedom of the then Angul district.

The Satakosia gorge in this district had received recognition as a wildlife sanctuary on May 19, 1976. This sanctuary is spread in Angul, Nayagarh, Cuttack and Boudh districts.

Spread over 795.52 square km, the Satakosia gorge in Mahanadi inside this sanctuary is 22 km long that is equal to 7 guz (Saata Kosha).

As per mythology, Indra Dev had diverted the Ganges by the request of Sukanta Maharshi to create this gorge. Hence, the area adjoining the gorge was earlier called Indravana.

Satakoshia gorge was once famous for gem stone. This gem stone mine was spread from Manimunda (today’s Manamunda)  to Manibhadra.

The Satakoshia sanctuary is by the side of the gorge. Crocodile is the main attraction of this sanctuary. Besides crocodile, tiger, bear, panther, squirrels etc are also seen here. This is also a famous crocodile breeding centre.

On 1 April 2023 Angul will be 30 years old. For this, many projects have been initiated. The health corridor work has been finished. The black diamond museum work is underway.

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  1. Autonomous says

    Even with such rich history and significant importance of Angul district with respect to the revenue that it provides to the state, people here struggle for basic and critical health needs. Till date for everything people from here rush to Cuttack or Bhubaneswar for major health needs as the district cant cater to their medical needs. And often in cases people lose lives midway as well.
    Rather than constructing black diamon museum, a good hospital with proper and efficient doctors is what was more needed, but alas that’s not going to happen it seems.

    Not sure when would Angul have proper doctors to treat emergency medical needs or atleast a good hospital to treat critical illness and emergencies.

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