The Ganges: A Source of Belief and Life

The Ganges, India’s longest river, is born from the confluence of the calm Alaknanda and the raging Bhagirathi at Devprayag. More than just a waterway, the Ganges is a cornerstone of Hinduism, revered for its purifying homes and religious significance.

Millions of Hindus believe that a dip in the Ganges washes away sins and bestows benefits. Cities like Kashi, Varanasi, and Haridwar, especially their Ghats (bathing steps), are considered holy places. Here, devotees perform rituals and final rites for cherished ones, seeking moksha (liberation) through the river’s sanctity. The spell-binding Ganga Aarti, a worship ceremony with lamps, is a sight that draws devotees worldwide.

Despite going through pollutants, the Ganges is thought to have exceptional self-cleansing potential. This feature reinforces its symbolic association with purity and piety.

Legend tells of King Bhagiratha’s penance to deliver the heavenly Ganges to Earth and provide moksha to his ancestors. Lord Shiva, fearing the river’s detrimental electricity, tamed its waft with the aid of catching it in his hair. This story explains the name Bhagirathi. Another tale indicates drops of Amrita (the elixir of immortality) fell into the Ganges, leading to the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage every 12 years. Devotees bathe inside the river in the course of this auspicious occasion, seeking the Amrit’s benefits.

The Ganges’ journey is frequently linked to the journey of a woman. As Bhagirathi, she’s a playful child; at Devprayag, a lively teenager; and upon reaching the plains, a young girl. Finally, merging with the sea, she will become a married woman, losing her original identity and adapting to her eternal destination.

The Ganges is a lifeline for millions. It presents consuming water, irrigates plants, and supports endless lives along its banks. Standing via the Ghats is an experience of profound peace and serenity. Many Hindus aspire to die close to the Ganges in Kashi, looking for the sacred “Kashi Labh” (benefit). Visiting the Ganges, whether or not in the course of life or at its end, is a desire for many Hindus. The Ganges is greater than only a river; it is an image of faith, a supply of life, and a journey of the soul.

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