Technological advancement in academic libraries of Odisha

Gone are the days when libraries were only equipped with piles of books. To meet the reading thirst of students, researchers and book lovers, academic libraries are now equipped with advanced technology as well as tools and concepts, outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

In today’s time one can get answers to all his queries from Google search. Hence, libraries should also be equipped at par. Yet, do the academic libraries of Odisha sufficiently equipped? Are they adequately armed with latest technology? To know the answer kalinga TV talked to Odia man Dr Nihar K Patra, the librarian of Nalanda University in Bihar. Excerpts:

“An academic library in the twenty-first century must be equipped with the latest technology to support teaching, learning and research of the academic institution,” says He is the author of the book ‘Electronic Resource Management in Libraries” published by IGI Global USA & Elsevier, USA.

Dr Nihar K Patra

Elaborating his findings Patra says: “The institutions of higher learning offer innovative learning and inspirational teaching practice underpinned by latest pedagogic academic framework including research. And library plays a pivotal role to facilitate these activities. The quality of library resources is reckoned with the growth and development of the institution. The library should have a significant collection of print resources and electronic resources like databases, e-journals, e-books, e-project reports, e-reading lists, e-lecture materials, e-reading materials and web pages in the form of both open access and payment basis. The library should adopt advanced technology in order to make it more relevant in the IT arena; wherein everything is just a click away.”

“There are number of government higher academic institutions, and research institutions such as IIT, IIM, IISER, Central University, and AIIMS established recently in Odisha with a vision of establishing a world-class library. Alike, institutions are also set up by private organizations and on public-private partnership which have established library system. However, it is ironical to aver that off these only a few institutions are equipped with advanced technologies and providing technology-based services to their patrons,” says Patra.

“Many of the libraries of Odisha may implement these advance technology and services to support the organizations’ teaching, learning and research. And to implement the technology and services there is need of sound budgetary system. However, a tech-savvy librarian may help an institution or library in particular, by implementing these technologies to some extent by adopting open source systems/tools.

Furthermore, the institution, as well as its highest authority or decision making body, should understand the importance of a tech-friendly library which may facilitate the level to reach new heights. It is high time now for the public, private and other stockholders to join hands in developing and adopting new practices,” he further adds.

Written by: Himanshu Guru, Kainga TV

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