Taking a holy dip at Ganga Sagar during Makara Sankranti can release vices: Watch

Ganga Sagar in west Bengal is a top religious place of Hinduism. After Kumbha Mela, Ganga Sagar Mela  is considered the big fair where a large number of people take place. This is the place where Ganga and sea have summited.

Located at a distance of about 100 kms from Kolkata it has got religious value. It is believed that if someone takes a holy dip here on Makara Sankranti, all his vices are washed. It is also believed that whatever vices you would collect by visiting many other religious place, one can get the same amount of vices by taking a holy dip at the Ganga Sagar. Hence every year Naga saints and devotees as well as holy persons crowd this place during Makara Sankranti.

Lakhs of people flock to this place. They take a holy dip at the Ganga Sagar and worship at the Kapil Muni Ashram. Kapil Muni is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu here. His statue has been established in a beautiful temple in the Ashram. Idols and Devi Ganga and Sagar King is being worshipped.

As per legends, long long ago King Sagara had organised the 100th Aswamedha yagnya. As per the rule of the great puja the horse was released so that it can roam across the world as per its choice. However, after some days the horse did not return to the kingdom of emperor Sagar. Hence, his 60,000 sons were sent to search the horse. They searched for the horse everywhere and finally found it in the Ashram of Kapil Muni. Actually, the horse was secretly kept there by lord Indra, without the knowledge of both Kapil muni and the sons of Emperor Sagar.

They found out the horse over there and thought it to have been stolen by Kapil muni. They disregarded the meditating muni, which made him annoyed and he cursed them for which he burnt all the 60,000 sons of Sagar to ashes by his wrath.

Several years after, Bhagirath, the great grandson of Emperor Sagar, wanted to release his ancestors from the wrath of the curse given by Kapil Muni. Accordingly, he meditated and pleased Lord Shiva and Mother Ganga with his deep devotion and made Mother Ganga agree to come to the earth. Bhagirath also satisfied lord Shiva to release river Ganga from heaven to the labyrinth of his hair and from there to be fallen on earth. And it happened.

With coming of River Ganga the shraddh of 60,000 deceased sons of Emperor Sagar could be performed with the holy water of ganges and their souls were freed and ascended to heaven by attaining moksha.

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