‘Srimukha-fita’ ritual of Lord Jagannath in Puri Srimandira today, Phuluri oil to be offered tomorrow

Puri: Today is the fifth day of Lord Jagannath’ Anasara or Anabasara. Since it is considered that Lord Jagannath and siblings have fallen sick following the annual bathe on Snana Purnima, from that day the idols are being provided treatment and offered herbal medicines so that they would recover soon. They are kept in isolation for about 14 days when darshan by devotees are stopped and only servitors provide treatment.

Accordingly, today is the ‘Srimukha-fita’ ritual. It means opening of the face of the God. The Daitapatis are providing services and treatment to Lord Jagannath and sibling as they are down with fever.

Due to illness of the God, the trinity of Puri Srimandira are wearing white clothes. Also, only white coloured flowers are being offered to them.

As per the tradition, tomorrow the Gods will be offered Phuluri oil prepared by the Bada Odia matha. The trinity will feel good after getting treatment with Phuluri oil.

How Phuluri oil prepared

On Herapanchami day a small amount of pure til oil is taken. Scented flowers as well as herbal roots are added to it and the whole pan is buried under the soil.

Then, one day before Deba Snana Purnima, the said pan is taken out. On the panchami day it is filtered and ‘amunia’ is prepared. It is then sent to the Srimandira. After Madhyanha Dhupa ritual the Dakhini ghara bhoga is offered. Now the Jay Bijay door is closed and anasara door is opened and the Pati Mohapatra take the oil in three silver pots called pingalas, sanctify it and then it is offered to the God.

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