Special dishes for your Eid Al-Fitr feast

Looking to get delectable food for your family-friendly Eid Al-Fitr feast as Ramadan

New Delhi: Looking to get delectable food for your family-friendly Eid Al-Fitr feast as Ramadan draws to a close? The Ghost Chef, a delivery restaurant established by Chef Akhil Multani, is the ideal spot to get it from as this innovative business, which delivers throughout Mumbai, aims to cater to customers’ individual demands and provide a restaurant-style experience in the convenience of their own homes.

‘Namak’ or salt is one of the most basic, yet crucial ingredients of any dish across the world. Through Namak, Ghost Chef takes the customer on a gastronomic journey of North Indian and Mughlai cuisines, while also venturing into niche ones such as Andhra, Parsi, Maharashtrian, Rajasthani, amongst others. The menu caters to comfort foods that satisfy both, the palette and soul. Customers can enjoy an extensive selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs which feature Chef’s specials such as Thecha Broccoli; Chicken Burra Tangdi and Chicken Reshmi Tikka.

The Mains showcase a wide variety of Indian flavours in dishes such as Ghee Roast Chicken, a Manglorean special. Customers will also find comforting dishes such as Laal Maas, a fiery Marwari fall-of-the-bone lamb, slow-cooked in a spicy red chili & onion gravy; and Savji Mutton, Vidarbha style stone flower masala roasted, boneless lamb, slow-cooked overnight. To accompany these, customers can choose from a selection of Indian Breads, Sides and Rice preparations such as Chef’s special Butter Chicken Biryani; and Chicken and Mutton Yakhni Pulao.

For those looking for something beyond Indian cuisine, ‘Alas’ is a great choice. Alas, which is the translation of salt in Greek, boasts of a very traditional Lebanese and Greek menu with influences of Turkey. For those who love their pita and dips, the menu has a wide range of Mezze options such as a variety of Labneh including Spicy Labneh, Garlic Labneh, Avocado Labneh and Labneh Za’atar. A Mediterranean menu is incomplete without hummus, and Alas has a selection to choose from.

In addition to the traditional version, one will also find Spicy Moroccan Hummus, spicy Moroccan chilli scented spicy hummus; Green Pea & Truffle Hummus, truffle scented roasted green peas churned with tahini cream; and Avocado Hummus, fresh avocado and chickpeas blended with garlic and tahini, and topped with roasted seeds and smoked paprika. Orektika or warm appetisers include Falafel; Chevre and Almond stuffed Falafel; Adana Kebab, chicken mince kebab, flavoured with sumac, fresh herbs and red chilli flakes, and served with a coriander pesto labneh; Harissa Chicken Kebab, Moroccan chilli paste marinated chicken cubes, cooked over a spit roast and grilled, and served with cream cheese and honey; and Kebab Istanbul, Turkish spiced lamb mince kebabs, basted with white butter & served with mint labneh. The menu also features a selection of Manakeesh (flatbreads), Ilektriko Diktyo (mains), and Shawarmas, that will delight one’s palette.

The food is freshly prepared without the use of any pre-made or ready-made ingredients. It provides a system that enables clients to order dish components separately and construct the dish at home by following straightforward, simple-to-follow video instructions if they’re seeking for party catering. The kitchen has carefully chosen competent chefs who use the best ingredients and uphold high standards of hygiene, always putting the comfort of the patrons first.

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