Six city action plan to combat air pollution in Odisha

Action Plan launched at National Conclave jointly organised by Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi; the State Department of Forest and Environment; and the Odisha State Pollution Control Board

Bhubaneswar: Air pollution has come out as a serious concern mainly in the urban areas of the state.  Due to automobile exhausts, industrial emissions and booming construction work the rate of pollution is increasing day by day. Air pollution causing several lungs related ailments in the six cities of the state.

Targeting the air pollution reduction, the six city action plan has been designed to enable a time-bound reduction in air pollution level. Out of the six cities Talcher, Angul, and Rourkela are the industrial towns and have the special challenges of reducing industrial emissions.

Chief secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi flagged off the plan today on the eve of World Environment  Day 2019. The six cities mentioned in the plan are Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Talcher, Angul, and Balasore.  The plan is called  — “Comprehensive Action Plan for Clean Air for Six Non-attainment Cities of Odisha”.

According to him, the action plan will spread public awareness. It will also encourage people to use public transport. Similarly, it will set the target of helping the cities and the region to meet clean air standards through a multi-sector approach.

According to reports, the dust particles have been found in Talcher 45% and in Angul 39%. On the other hand, it has remained 28% in Cuttack. Similarly, in Rourkela, this has remained 41% and 36% in Bhubaneswar.  The clean air action plan is designed to check this trend and increase the number of compliant days in these cities.

CSE member, Animita Raichoudhury said, if we do not create awareness among the individuals, air pollution will be more hazardous.

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