Simple Steps To Create A Telegram Account. Read On

Bhubaneswar: Telegram is a cloud-based messenger that keeps all your all conversions in the cloud. It is more than a messaging app, allowing users to market their businesses using the channels and groups. You can send pictures and videos, share location and send any file of your smartphone or computer up to 1.5 GB.

With its clean user interface and powerful chatting and marketing tools, Telegram has started getting more attention than other social messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Telegram is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. But, it is mainly designed for smartphones. Given below are simple steps using which you can create your Telegram account and get going.

  1. Open Google Play Store or App store and download the Telegram Messenger App. Once the installation process is over, open the Application.
  2. You need a phone number to create an account. After turning through the welcome screen, tap on Start Messaging button to enter your phone number. As soon as you enter the number, you’ll get an OTP. Enter that code into the app to continue.
  3. After this, Telegram will ask you to set up your first and last name. Enter this information to continue.
  4. Your Telegram account is ready. To set your profile picture and username, you can go to the Settings page. Now, you can message your friends and family.

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