Shocking! Youth Does Push-ups On Moving Vehicle: Watch

In this era of social media, people do a lot of things to gain traction. While some videos may be inspiring, many do dangerous things to show off.

Recently, a video surfaced online where a man named Ujjawal Yadav from Uttar Pradesh is seen on top of a car doing push-ups while the vehicle is moving.

However, the video did not go well with UP police who posted the video on their Twitter handle, along with a cautionary message. The background score was that of the famous ‘coffin dance’ meme that added hilarity to the otherwise warning message.

The Twitter read, “Some pushups will only bring you down in the eyes of the law.”

The UP police added a clip of the challan as well in the video. The challan was filed by the traffic police in UP’s Firozabad.

“My name is Ujjawal Yadav and I made a video doing a dangerous stunt on a moving car. This will not be repeated in the future. I apologize for my behaviour,” the youth is heard saying.

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