Rich with medicinal value ‘Rice Tea’ becomes top choice at Mayurbhanj Mahotsav: Watch

Baripada: Normally tea is made either raw or with milk. There are also other common varieties like green tea, lemon tea etc. However, it is very rare if we talk about rice tea.

Rice tea is real and backed with much medicinal value. And this special tea variety has become the top attraction at the on-going Mayurbhanj Mahotsav that is going on at the famous Chhau ground of Baripada in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha these days.

Stall number 33 is the new address for rice tea, at least till the festival continues. It is popularly known as ‘Chaula Cha’.

The whole district has become fan of the tribal dance and music at the Mahotsav. The Baripada famous ‘Mudhi-Mansa’ is winning heart of many at the fest while many people have loved rice tea.

For the first time a few educated tribal women have come up with this tribal drink at the festival. Many tribal traditional foods are available at this stall while rice tea has become the top choice. The price is Rs 20 per cup. In this cold day, a cup of hot rice tea can win your heart.

Rice tea is affluent with natural elements. The women who are selling it at the Mahotsav have claimed that the drink is filled with immense medicinal value. They have hoped to propagate the drink across the country.

Preparation process of rice tea is unique. It is made in an earthen pot and the ingredients are rice and jaggery. Besides, cardamom, black pepper and Indian bay leaves increase the taste.

Mayurbhanj Mahotsav is receiving footfalls not only from Odisha, but people from neighbouring West Bengal and Jharkhand are visiting here.

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