Rahul Gandhi feeding little boy ice-cream will fill your heart

Indore: As the crucial Assembly election inch closer in Madhya Pradesh, different political parties are leaving no stones unturned to woo the voters. However, a gesture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi will definitely fill your heart.

After a day of campaigning in the city, Rahul, in a video posted by the Congress on Twitter, was seen waiting for an ice-cream at the popular shop “56 Dukan” in the presence of some senior leaders including Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Wearing a black tee and a big grin, the 47-year-old Congress president stood keeping his elbows on the counter waiting for his ice-cream.

While he watched the man behind the counter prepare a serving, his party leaders were heard exclaiming “Wah” by seeing the expert at work.

After receiving his ice-cream, Rahul was seen asking “Hello! Ice-cream logey? (want an ice-cream?),” to a little boy who was in a lady’s arms (possibly his mother). Then he feeds the kid a spoonful of ice-cream, which the child lapped up, following which the attendants cheered.

The video of Rahul Gandhi feeding the little boy has gone viral on the internet.

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