Public Opinion: International Women’s Day

By – Chetna Patnaik, Kalinga TV

Today is International Women’s Day. Every year March 8 is observed as the  International Women’s Day. While the day is observed in most of the countries across the world, it is widely celebrated in India. Especially in the last two decades, Day has earned much popularity. Women across the country are being felicitated and greeted for their good work, achievement and contribution to their families as well as to the society. No doubt it is an undeniable truth that women largely contribute to the family and society.  In this context, Kalinga TV went on to register the perception of a few women from different sectors. We asked them what they think regarding the gravitas of women in present-day society and they came up with some interesting answers. Excerpts:

Public Opinion: International Women’s DayKalpasa Ankita Shaw is a beauty queen and an established social worker. She is a harbinger of humanity and believes that men and women need to be celebrated for they make an equal contribution to a balanced society. While we celebrate a woman’s various roles today, she lauds the men’s support behind these amazing women. She wants to take this day to celebrate good human beings and together create a world where we respect and stand up for each other.






Public Opinion: International Women’s DayLiza Sahu, a housemaid. At a tender age of 19, she is sharing the responsibility of managing her home with her mother. Honestly, she did not know it was International Women’s Day today but every day should be Women’s Day. She believes it has been stressful for her to quit studies and start working but she choose it because she wants her younger siblings to continue with their education. She believes that as women we always need to be careful and act smart when faced with advert situation.






Public Opinion: International Women’s DayPayal Behera is a 1st-year B.Plan student. She is of the belief that Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the capability, strength, confidence, determination which she needs to overcome any unfavourable situation she faces; and today is the day where we celebrate womanhood. She further lauds who strive to maintain work-home balance and adds that women are such amazing multi-taskers that the efforts she puts in doing that look minimal. That’s how good a woman is at her work front. She has had a few episodes of eve-teasing but has smartly handled such situations. She believes as a modern woman we should be able to walk fearlessly midnight, but sadly that is a far-fetched dream.






Public Opinion: International Women’s DayKumkum Mohanty is a law officer at a reputed firm. She is of the firm belief that today’s woman needs to stand up for her rights and must not in any situation bow down in exchange for her dignity. She stresses that it is high time women get their due respect both at her home and her workplace. Celebrating International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for celebrating womanhood around us. She reminisces of the time she was eve teased back in school and without losing cool she used her Shotokan karate training and in turn taught the guy a lifetime lesson. She says, “Modern women are ‘Modern Day Warrior Princess’. We are assertive yet speak our mind to protect our self-respect.” On this day she urges society to see women not just as a mother or a sister but rather as a human being who can make their own choices based on her requirements.  She encourages everyone to stay focused to make a difference not only to your own self but to the community at large that you are associated with.




Public Opinion: International Women’s DayAarohi Sahoo is only female music director of Odia movie industry. She asks why do we need a single day to celebrate women around us when women are the foundation of this society. Every woman in every household juggles so many responsibilities at a time with a smile on her face- She stresses that it is high time we start applauding them. Aarohi has always reacted strongly to eve-teasing and believes that it is a social menace and needs to be curbed. She believes that a modern woman should strive for her independence and no matter what must put herself as her first priority and maintain her dignity at all costs.





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  1. Sandhya patnaik says

    Women are the reason we exist. We should respect them.

  2. Suchitra Mahapatra says

    Nice article. Thank you for presenting views of women. We would like to read more such articles. Thank you Kalinga TV.

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