Odisha youth quits high-paying job to spend time in village, grazes goat

In a rare instance, a youth decided to quit his high-paying job to spend time in village in natural environment amid presence of animals. After returning to village he adopted goat farming. Interestingly, he himself take the goats to the open field so that they can graze grass and also he himself work as a vet to treat the animals. The incident took place in Ganjam district of Odisha.

Meet Santosh Kumar Ratha from Bidipur Sasan village under Jagannath Prasad Block of Ganjam district in Odisha. It is not that he was not competent or he is abnormal, but he is very much able and completely normal. However, when he realised that he should do whatever he actually wants to do, he did not want to continue in the job. And for this change in life he has faced many hurdles, but he has fought with every situation and so far leading a good life. And in lieu of all this struggle as well as achievement, he is in discussion.

Santosh’s daily routine begins at the goat shed. He takes them out from the shed and takes them to the open fields so that they can graze grass and other leaves. This goes on throughout the day and he returns in the evening.

From evening till night he spends time for their medical treatment. He is a diploma in instrumentation engineering. Besides, he has also taken training on goat farming. Recently, he has taken some land in the Srikarpur Bramhin Sasan village near Balibag under Belguntha block and started goat farming there. This is the village of one of his relatives.

After college days Santosh went to Maharashtra to earn livelihood so that he can financially support his family. There he worked in a company. Since he wanted to study more, he simultaneously worked in the company and did instrumentation engineering. And for that job in the company he was earning handsome salary. He also did diploma. During the Covid pandemic, the company was also affected. And hence he came back to Odisha and later started goat farming.

Initially, Santosh bought 14 goats and started goat farming in the village of a relative. Every day he himself takes the goats for grazing them. He also treats them himself. Meanwhile the number of goats has grown to 57. Besides, he has also started fishery. He is the owner as well as worker of his job and this is his ideal. He wanted to be a good man rather than to become a big man.

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