Odisha Youth invents folding scooter

When we want to roam around the city either we opt for the public conveyance or our private vehicle. Public conveyance like a bus, auto or cab normally drops us on a point from where we again need to travel some more distance to reach our destination. On the other hand, if we opt for our self-owned vehicle, we need to pay more for fuel.

Will not be it a super idea, if we would have a machine which we can carry with us when traveling in a public conveyance and then we ride on it to reach our destination? And the answer is right here.

A talented young man from Cuttack has invented a folding scooter which can be folded and carried in hand. And at the time of need, we can gallop over it to ride it for a distance up to 18 to 20 km. The device runs with battery power, which can be fully charged in 2 hours to measure the aforementioned distance.


The inventor is Santosh Kumar Dalai. He is an employee at the Odisha State Maritime Museum in Cuttack. He used to travel in the public bus, but since he would need to walk a long distance to reach his office, after getting down from the bus, he wanted to invent something thanks to which he does not need to walk.

Accordingly, Santosh worked on it and finally invented the folding scooter. It is an environment-friendly electric scooter, which can be held on hand and carried as we carry a bag. Since the machine is merely 15 kg, carrying it is not a tough job keeping in view its vast utility. And also, the device will reduce traffic congestion.

The folding scooter of Santosh is synonymous to the Bird, Spin and LimeBike, now available in the market.

Santosh has built it using parts from motorcycle, bicycle and trolley rickshaw. You just need to hold the handle and pull the gear to make it run. He is working on it to add more facilities to the device.

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