Odisha prays for the well-being of the first born on Prathamastami

Prathamastami in Odisha, a festival in which Odia Hindu families celebrate their first born child. The child is blessed to have a long life.

Bhubaneswar: Prathamastami in Odisha, is a festival in which the firstborn child of a family is celebrated in various ways. Almost all Hindu families all over the state celebrate this festival.

On this occasion, the Hindu families in Odisha pray for the prosperity of the eldest child with a lighted diyas, flowers and special mantras. Grains of rice are sprinkled on the head of the firstborn child.

The members in the family pray to God Ganesha and Goddess Shashti for the well-being of the child. The maternal family of the child sends clothes, food and fruits on the occasion.

Various traditional steam cakes are made for the family on this day. The main delicacy is Enduri Pitha or Haldi patra pitha (which is steamed rice cake wrapped in turmeric leaves).

This festival generally signifies that the first-born is the more responsible among the children and that they shall be responsible for the family after their parents.

It is worth mentioning that, psychologists say that the first-borns are mostly healthy, obedient and tradition-bound, this can be an apt scientific explanation for this festival. The other names for celebration of this day all over India is Saubhagini Ashtami, Kaal Bhairav Ashtami and Paap-nashini Ashtami.

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