Odisha: Jajpur’s Lord Varaha Dev’s swanakshyatra utsav observed

Jajpur: Today is the sacred Bakul Amavasya. This day is observed as the birth day of God Varaha, the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. During this incarnation Lord Vishnu had killed demon king Hiranakshya and saved the world from his fury.

As per the legend long ago once upon a time demon king Hiranakshya was torturing his subjects as well as the people of earth. He was destroying places of worship and launching attack on saints. He had taken possession of the heaven, hell and earth with the help of his power.

At this time Lord Bramha approached Lord Vishnu along with other devas and prayed to save them. Accordingly, after getting blessings from Lord Narayan, Lord Bramha produced the incarnation of Lord Varaha from his nose.

Lord Varaha defeated Hiranakshya in a fierce battle and slain him with the help of his tusks. Finally, justice and peace prevailed in earth. Since then the no moon day in the month of Pousha is observed as the Janmotsav of Lord Varaha.

On this occasion the function is going on at the temple of Lord Varaha on the bank of sacred Baitarani River in Jajpur of Odisha. The Utsav is being observed after a gap of two years as the same had been cancelled in the last two years due to the pandemic. The Varahanath Pitha is one of the prime religious places in Jajpur.

A number of rituals including the sacred bath of the Lord, worship, hawan, reading of Vishnu Sahashra Naam, Geeta Path and Sankirtan are being organised with the chairmanship of the chief priest Himanshu Pati Mishra. Ample arrangement has been made by the temple administration for swift visit of the devotees to the temple. On this occasion, Bakula Kadhi is offered to the Lord.

It is said Lord Varaha took birth from the yagnya of Lord Bramha and later Goddess Biraja incarnated. Yagnya Varaha, Sweta Varaha and Laxmi Varaha – these three Varahas are present here. The birth festival of Lord Jagnya Varaha is being observed today. Before evening, new flag was established at the temple top. A large number of devotees from Jajpur and from outside have visited the place to witness the festival.

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