Odisha: Dedhasura-Bhaibohu, Bhima pahada of Boudh: Watch

Boudh: The Dedhasura-Bhaibohu Bhima pahada in Reghamunda village in Uma panchayat under Kantamal block of Boudh district in Odisha is located at a height of 50 feet. There are two huge boulders known as Dedhasura and Bhaibohu. After the Culture Department of the State government sanctioned a funding of Rs 1 crore the area has been beautified.

As per legends during Agyantabasa (living in disguise) of the Pandavas they lived here for some time. They were worshipping Lord Shiva here who is known in the name Gupteshwar Baba. Even today we can find monuments here that prove about the living of Pandavas here.

As per legends during the hermitage of Pandavas here, once Draupadi was applying turmeric paste on her body when some of the paste dripped and fell on the side wall which can be found in the walls of this mountain even today.

Besides, it is also said that the Pandavas were farming cows here. The remains of cow sheds can be found in the hills.

Similarly, footprints of Mahabali Bhima and the mark of his stick are also found here.

There is a legend behind naming of the hill as Dedhasura-Bhaibohu pahada. As per Hindu traditions Dedhasura (elder brother of husband) and Bhaibohu (wife of younger brother) should not stay together. Even they should not be seen together.

As per legends, during the staying of the Panchu Pandavas here once they spotted a Dedhasura and a Bhaibohu together at a place. They had taken shelter under a tree as it was raining. Yet, if the legend is to be believed the Pandavas cursed them and accordingly the two turned into two stones. Since then the hill is known as Panchupandav-dedhasura-bhaibohu pahada.

Mysteriously, these two stones have not touched each other and they are in a hanging position. Despite rain and cyclone the two stones are like that. People need to climb about 50 feet of the hill to witness the two famous stones. Of course, climbing this height is not easy and also is dangerous.

There are five hills of different sizes here that is called Panchu Pandav Pahada.

In the month of Shravana, hundreds of devotees visit here. Natural scenery and the divine atmosphere attract them.

The beautification work of the temple is going on these days. However, this little known tourist place still has many issues yet to be sorted out. Lord Shiv Shankar is being worshiped here secretly for which large number of people visit here.

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