Odisha: Bipada Tarini Brata observed in Ghatagan of Keonjhar

Keonjhar: Gods and Goddesses protect their devotees from different perils in life and bless them to live a good and happy life. Believing on this belief people in Odisha observe certain special rituals during some festivals to get blessings of God. Bipada Tarini brata is one of such special observations. This is dedicated to Goddess Tarini of Keonjhar district in the state. Devotees get blessings of Maa Tarini after observing this brata.

Bipada Tarini brata is observed on the Tuesday that falls in between Rath Yatra and Bahuda Yatra of Lord Jagannath. Like the name suggests, Bipada, which means danger, Bipada Tarini brata frees devotees from the jaws of danger in life.

As per traditions, Bipada Tarini Brata is observed in different Shakti shrines of the State. And the festival is observed when Lord Jagannath and His siblings are at the house of their aunty during the 9 day annual sojourn.

Thousands of devotees participated in the observation of Bipada Tarini brata at the famous Tarini Pitha of Ghatagan in Keonjhar. Women devotees mostly observe this brata.

The presiding deity of Keonjhar is Goddess Tarini. Every year the brata is observed at the famous Tarini Mata Shrine in between Rath Yatra and Bahuda. We can witness thousands of women queuing up at the shrine with flower baskets in their hands.

As per the rituals, the devotees put 13 numbers of knots in the brata (a thread) with expectation of wellbeing for the family by the grace of Goddess Tarini. On this occasion Maa Tarini of Ghatagan is adorned with the Golden attire (Suna Besha) and the worship is observed with pomp and show. On this occasion the Snana Majana ritual of the Goddess is done.

To witness the Golden attire of the Goddess thousands of devotees are crowded at the famous Tarnini shrine in Ghatagan. And hence barricade has been fixed by the Temple Trust Board while Police personnel have been deployed and proper security arrangement has been made.

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