Odia actress Pratyusha in ‘Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai’

Beginning her career from Zee TV’s ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ Odia actress Pratyusha Bali has so far acted in many TV serials including the popular daily soap ‘Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai’. Besides, the beautiful actress has also played the lead role in the Raj Dubey directed Hindi film ‘Raaz-e- ashiqura’. In an exclusive interview Kalinga TV chatted with the actress to know about her acting life, achievements and dream.

So far Pratyusha has acted in the TV shows like ‘Param Avatar Ganesha’ (Zee TV)  ‘Maharaja Agrasen’ (DD), ‘Balchkradhara Krishna’(Big Magic), ‘Krishna’ (&TV), ‘Rajat Rekha’ (DD), ‘TV Biwi aur Main’ (Sub TV) and ‘Detective Dev’ (Sub TV) besides popular TV soap ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (Star Plus). She has also appeared in a few episodes of crime based shows such as ‘Savdhan India, ‘Crime Patrol’, ‘Fear Files’ and ‘Crime Alert’.

Pratyusha in ‘Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai’


Pratyusha is a native of the western Odisha town Balangir where she is best known as Reena. Asked about her journey from Balangir to the glittering city, Mumbai Pratyusha said, “It was tough but enjoyable. I came to Mumbai in 2014 and after struggling for a year and a half, got a chance to act in TV.”

“I went there and get me admitted to a six month short term acting course in Malad. Then I was very shy and initially confused about how to start. Like, in the acting class, the instructor would give a topic and others would at once start acting with dialogues of their own. Suppose she says ‘prostitute’ you would see that a couple would stand and start portraying the same character from a popular Hindi film. I was a little bit nervous to witness their smartness and aptitude. For some time I thought this was not my cup of tea. Yet, after the class was over I approached the chief instructor’s wife (who also is a tutor in the acting course) and discussed my problem.  She smiled and asked me to keep patience. She asked me to perform for a few minutes and based on it, provided me tips to imporve. Following her instruction I started practising in front of camera and soon realised my mistakes. Later I also did a short term theatre course from ‘Parichaya’ theaters,”  she added.

Pratyusha in film ‘Raaz-e- ashiqura’

About her entry into the small screen the actress said, “I started appearing in auditions. After appearing in a few auditions once I was invited for a role.”

How new actors get selected. Pratyusha said, “Actors need to keep their photos ready to provide to casting directors. At times when the producers/directors of an upcoming serial find his/her face fit to a certain character, they call them for auditions. I had got the first chance in this process.”

We hear about women harassment in film industry. Asked about her personal experience the actress said, “I have never faced such situation. On some occasions casting directors want favour from newcomers. Yet, you need to handle it your own way. However, if you have talent, sooner or later you would get a chance. Some actors don’t hesitate to take up a shortcut to grab an assignment but such success is not permanent.”


After acting in a good number of TV shows Pratyusha has so far carved a niche for herself in the glitterati world of Mumbai. Asked to share her experience of shooting the popular daily soap ‘Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai’ she said, “It was amazing. I could not feel like I am needed to do something very tough. Besides, if you are among actors, you would really enjoy. After approaching the location, we are allotted rooms. And all actors don’t need to be present right on the set all the time. She can remain in her room till she will be called to the set.”

Pratyusha has also acted in a film. Asked about it she said, “I received star treatment in Lucknow where the shoot was going on. Besides, the whole unit and mainly Raj Dubey, the director of ‘Raaz-e- ashiqura’ is a gentleman. I enjoyed the shooting days and the film also received good response.”

Daughter of Prabhabati and Umesh Prasad Mishra of Bolangir Pratyusha completed her HSC from Government Girls High School and then graduation in psychology from Women’s College in Balangir. Her father retired from the forest department while mother retired as a head mistress.

“I want to do films and already have started equipping me for this battle,” the actress signed off.

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