Non-vegetarian blessed foods offered at these temples of India !

India is the land of thirty-three crores Gods and Goddesses and is quite famous for its ancient temples. There are many temples in our country whose cultures and traditions have made them stand unique from other temples. In our country, one can find temples of the Lord in different incarnations where diverse customs are practised.

Some temples are famous for their architecture while some are famous for their idols. Even you’ll find many differences for the blessed food that is offered in the temple.

There are some temples in India, where non-vegetarian foods like meat and fish are offered to Gods and Goddesses. These foods are distributed among the devotees after being offered to the Gods or Goddesses.

Here is the list of temples where we can find unique prashads.

  • Tamil Nadu’s Muniyadi Swami Temple, where chicken along with mutton biryani is offered.
  • Uttar Pradesh’s Tarkulha Devi Temple situated in Gorakhpur district. Here, goat meat is offered as prashad.
  • Fish offered to Goddess at the Parasinic Temple of Kerala.
  • West Bengal’s famous Kalighat Temple. In this temple, goat meat is offered as a blessed food.
  • Fish and meat are served in Kamakshya Temple in Assam.
  • Tarapith Temple, a shakti pith where fish and meat are served to the Goddess.
  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple of West Bengal, where fish is served to the devotees.

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  1. Rahul Lamani says

    Actually it is 33 koti and not 33 crores of god’s.
    33 koti means 33 supreme form of god’s and not 33 crores of god’s.
    Please do some homework before publishing articles and information.

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