Nilesh Bhaerao: The Mumbai Cop Who Helped A Destitute Widow Find Home

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Mumbai: Sometimes life becomes too hard and it leaves one hopeless, dejected and frustrated. Trusting others becomes difficult and one starts craving for a small glint of hope which may probably unleash new beginnings. The world, despite all the negativity, is still inhabited by people who can go the extra mile for making a difference to other’s lives.

This story is about a cop at Mumbai’s Sakinaka Police Station who recently became a source of new life for a 65-year-old homeless and destitute widow.

Lata Pardeshi, 65, became homeless after a civic body demolition drive by BMC demolished the Chachad Hospital where she lived and worked as a maid. Her husband had died 30 years ago and she had also lost her son a few years back. She was not on good terms with her relatives and also did not wish to be a burden on her relatives or her daughter-in-law who lives in Pune. Left with no option, she approached the police for help.

Nilesh Bhalerao, the PSI of Sakinaka Police Station was touched by the ordeal of the old widow. He at once made up his mind to help her. In a few days, Bhalerao found her a place to live in at Karjat Old-age home and with the help of other policemen, collected a sum of Rs 23,000 which they deposited in a bank account in Lata Pardeshi’s name.

After this, all the policemen at the Sakinaka Police Station gave a warm farewell to the old lady when she finally left for the old age home. Not only this, they also gave her Rs 500 and food for journey.

The old widow is all praises for Nilesh, who she says treated her like a mother. She also said that she was feeling sad and heartbroken while leaving the police station because of all the love and care which she had received there.

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This story is a proof of the fact that humanism is beyond blood relations or religion. It does not differentiate between humans. Love, care, compassion and kindness are the biggest virtues that keep the world going, despite numerous vices and negativity.

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