Mouth-Watering Street Foods From The ‘City Of Joy’ Kolkata

Kolkata is a city where the past and the present are perfectly synchronised with each other. Rich in art, history and literature, the culture of Kolkata is a unique combination of the old and the new. Often called as the intellectual capital of India, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is not just any other city. A walk through Kolkata is like going in and out of the past, strewn with bits of future.

Apart from the famous landmarks like Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, British-era monuments, Busy markets, Rattling Trams and Bustling streets, the city of joy has a colourful food culture with a wide range of street foods whose mere sight are enough to tickle the apetite of food lovers.

Here is a list of the six most popular lip-smacking food items, which one can savour on the streets of Kolkata-

  • Puchkas

Puchkawalas adorning every street of Kolkata seems to be a common sight. Kolkatans love their street food, the favourite among them being ‘puchkas’. No matter where you go, no other ‘pani puri’ or ‘gol gappa’ is as palatable to the taste buds as the puchkas of Kolkata. The spicy delicacies are not only a hit among the locals but very much in demand by visitors and tourist too.

  • Kathi Roll

Invented in Kolkata, it is little wonder the some of the best Kathi Rolls in India can be sampled here. With the delicious stuffing wrapped in soft roti, the rolls here are in a different league. Visit Nizam’s in New Market, or Kusum’s or Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street, to try the delicious speciality that has become a Kolkata staple.

  • Chinese/Tibetan Cuisine

It is a little known fact that Kolkata was once home to over 20,000 Chinese. Authentic Chinese with all the traditionally cooked food lures people from all over- especially during the Chinese New Year, when Kolkata is decorated with Chinese hangings and little dragons on the shops and houses. Chinese Breakfast consisting of rice dumplings and soup is the most sought after Chinese preparation while one can also find the Indian version of Chinese.

  • Luchi Sabzi

Luchi sabzi is Kolkata’s version of Puri sabzi but it’s so much better especially if you eat it on the streets. There’s nothing like a piping hot luchi, smothered with spicy curried aloo. Luchi is deep fried flat bread which is a very famous as a Bengali breakfast. The aloo sabzi or potato curry is spicy and made with minimum ingredients with it.

  • Singara (Samosas)

The singara or samosa in Kolkata is practically woven in to the Bengali food culture. It is often served with sweet jalebis. Across stores, you get different varieties of the samosa. While most serve the more commercially viable samosa, the true flavour of the singara remains in the hands of the local sweetshops; stuffed with peas and potatoes and peanut, and occasional bits of cauliflower florets in it.

  • Jhalmuri

Jhalmudi is a light and delicious breakfast item for those who don’t like to have anything heavy in the morning. Very popular in Bengal, this item is eaten as a snack and looks very similar to Mumbai bhel with a slight difference of ingredients and flavour.

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