Mother hand feeds a morsel of watered rice to CM Mohan Majhi, watch

Keonjhar: In an affectionate and emotional gesture, today mother of Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Majhi was seen hand feeding a morsel of watered rice to her CM son at their native house in Keonjhar district of Odisha. The happening was witnessed in Raikala.

After becoming the CM of Odisha, this is for the first time that Mohan Charan Majhi visited his native place.

The CM was given a roused welcome in his native village. He dined at his house. There was no artificiality in the lunch. He had the food while sitting on the ground.

The CM had some watered rice (pakhala), a favourite food in Odisha and Bengal. And the catchy moment was when the CM’s mother hand fed her son a morsel of watered rice.

Not only had that she also wiped the CM son’s face with the help of her saree.

The women of the CM’s family had prepared a number of traditional delicacies most of which are favourites of the CM. The menu included watered rice, fry of greens from the home kitchen garden, Aloo Bharta, Badi chura and Baigan poda and pickle.

The CM is on a two day visit to his native district. The whole village turned festive due to visit of the son of their village. And the family members met him for the first time today after he became the CM.

Watch the video here:

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