Modern age Savitri! Wife taking care of sick husband for the last 40 years: Watch

It is hard to believe that there is such a woman in the present time who has so far spent 40 years of her life in taking care of her ailing husband. Only few months after the couple’s wedding long ago, the man got paralyzed in a road accident. And since then his wife is not only taking care of him but also running the house. People of her village have termed her as ‘Modern age Savitri’.

Meet Harapriya Rath and her husband 70 year old Satya Narayan Ratha from Kara Sahi in Denua Panchayat under Nimapada block in Puri district of Odisha.

When the accident took place the lady was young. Meanwhile a long 40 years have passed. She has turned old from young, yet health condition of her hubby has not improved. Due to the chronic illness the couple does not have any offspring. Our Gop representative Alok Ranjan Routray visited their place and talked to them. A report.

Marriage of the couple had been solemnized long ago about 42 years back from now. The couple spent happy time for a small stint of 20 months after which once a vehicle hit the man. Following the accident he was admitted to hospital for treatment. However, although he recovered from illness, he became paralyzed. And hence the lady took up the duty of taking regular care of him while the duty is still underway. Unfortunately, these long years of sacrifice of the lady has not sparked any miracle to make her hubby walk or work.

Satya Narayan was the only earning member in the family. No one else came to the help of the couple. And hence, Harapriya worked to run the family and simultaneously engaged herself to provide treatment and care to her husband.

The couple is living in a half constructed house. They are getting rice and Rs 700 from government funding each month. However, this is not enough for the couple. And hence if anyone wants to help out them, they can contact through the following details.

Harapriya Ratha c/o Satyanarayan Ratha

Mobile Phone Number: 7064811863

At: Chhenua P/O: Alipingal, Nimapada

Pin: 752106

AC No.- 03973211025091

IFSC -UCBA 0000397

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