Miracle! Coconut offered to Goddess in this temple automatically breaks

Boudh: Today is Kartika Purnima. It is also known as Rasa Purnima. Devotees observe Kartika Purnima across Odisha with much fanfare. People venture to rivers, ponds, canals and other water bodies early in the morning to flow miniature boats.

This year also devotees were much excited about Kartika Purnima. As today lunar eclipse occurred, the restrictions had been imposed on eating (pakatyaga) and rituals in the temples from early morning. Hence, people went to the rivers too early in the morning to flow boats before the prescribed pakatyaga and deva vidhi nishesh niti. The rituals had been finished all the temples early in the morning as per the schedule. On this occasion many devotees flocked to the Purnabashi temple in Badarahajur village in Bilaspur panchayat of Boudh district in Odisha in Kantamal block. Every year during the Chaturdashi and Purnima in the month of Kartika month many devotees visit this temple.

Specialty of this temple is that devotees offer coconut to the Goddess in this temple during worship  it is seen that the coconut automatically breaks. Normally, in a temples, devotees hand over coconuts to the priest who bangs it on a strong surface to break it and offers it to the Goddess. However, here the priest only keeps the coconut in front of the Goddess and later it is found that the coconut automatically breaks.

Besides, the temple is also famous as spinsters perfrom khira abhishek or Jala Abhishek for the Goddess and get their hoped blessings. Getting a glimpse of the Goodess Purnabasi during Kartika Purnima is considered virtuous.

On the occasion of Kartika Purnaima, here Kalasa procession is organised beside nama sankirtan. Hundreds of devotees join these events including women. In the evening cultural programme is organised. The devotees are given anna bhoga. This observation is being contining for the last 40 years.

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