Meet Laxmi: A Grey Langur Who Attends Classes In AP School

Kurnool: From the past two weeks, a rather unusual student is attending classes at the government primary school of Vengalampalli in Andhra Pradesh. However, since the student is attentive and does not disturb the decorum of the class, the teachers and students do not mind her presence.

Meet female grey langur Laxmi; as she is being called by her fellow classmates, who has become the most sincere member of the primary school.

Unlike other Langurs, Laxmi is well-behaved, disciplined and obedient. She strictly follows school rules- attends the morning prayers, attends classes, has lunch with the students and plays with them after classes.

After a while, the teachers noticed that other students felt distracted due to Laxmi’s presence. So, they started closing the door while the classes were ongoing. But Laxmi still peeks from the window and listens attentively to the lessons.

The headmaster is happy with Laxmi and claims that the school has been registering almost 100 percent attendance every day since Laxmi’s arrival.

Recently, Laxmi fell ill and doctors said junk food might have given her an upset stomach. But Laxmi came back to school by Friday as a veterinarian was called to treat her.

Now Laxmi is allowed only to be on a strictly fruits diet. The school staff feeds Laxmi a dozen bananas daily that they purchase.

What is unique in this story is that instead of being a distraction, Laxmi has become the reason students look forward to going school daily. There are schools and universities around the world who are starting to opt for petting zoos to act as stress relievers for their burdened students. Lakshmi seems to be playing a similar role in the Vengalampalli school.

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