Meet Dinesh: The Man Who Is Selling Handwritten Newspapers Since 17 Years

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Bhubaneswar: Media is the most powerful entity in today’s world. It controls the minds of the masses, acts as a watchdog of the society and plays a vital role in social change.In today’s time where media is all about commercialisation of news and information, there still lives a man for whom journalism is not about TRPs and viewership rather a weapon to bring a change by informing and educating the general public.

The 53-year-old Dinesh hails from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. His contribution in the realm of media is unique and has set an unprecedented benchmark. Dinesh has been single-handedly running a newspaper called ‘Vijay Darshan’ since the last 17 years, which he painstakingly writes in his own handwriting.After writing a copy, Dinesh makes multiple photocopies of it, which are later supplied to the readers. He uses his bicycle to travel around the city and distribute newspaper to his customers.

Pic Credit- DailyHunt

However, this isn’t Dinesh’s only occupation. The earnings from newspaper are not sufficient to keep his kitchen stove burning. Hence, Dinesh sells ice-creams and chocolates to make ends meet. He had dreamt of pursuing law but had to drop out of school owing to financial constraints. Later, family responsibility and need for money forced him to do odd jobs for survival. At present, Dinesh single-handedly writes and circulates his newspaper. He works all by his own with no financial or material help from outside.

Pic Credit- DailyHunt

Dinesh’s newspaper ‘Vijay Darshan’ contains no advertisement or pictures and has never stopped a single issue in the last 17 years. The newspaper beautifully highlights the various issues faced by people in the society, besides offering suggestions for their solution. Dinesh’s lucid handwriting along with his magical grasp over words makes reading Vijay Darshan a joyful experience.

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The story of Dinesh is a perfect example of the fact that good people always bring out the best in the society. They make us realize that those who work not for money but for their passion of spreading positively, truth and happiness all around are always appreciated.

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