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Planning a getaway as a solo female traveller in India can be an exhilarating, empowering, and somewhat daunting experience

New Delhi: Planning a getaway as a solo female traveller in India can be an exhilarating, empowering, and somewhat daunting experience. However, if one prepares well and selects branded travel options, those who prioritise safety by employing smart tech and AI-empowered tools can have a memorable and enjoyable trip while staying safe, comfortable, and secure. Today, the Integration of new-age tools like the Internet of Things (IoT) in the bus travel segment has been the biggest boon for everyone and especially for solo female travellers.

Solo female travellers planning a trip inter-city in India now can benefit from the smart app to ensure a stress-free and secure journey. Here are some tips and suggestions by Manish Rathi, the CEO and Co-founder of IntrCity that will cover everything from selecting the perfect destination to perfect to packing like a pro and staying connected through your solo sojourn through India.

Always be aware of the situation: Research your destination to find out more about the places you want to visit and be aware of any safety concerns. Pack smart and light, paying attention to some essentials like a first aid kit, emergency contact information, and a power bank. Consider staying in a hotel with a 24-hour reception or a guesthouse with positive reviews from other solo female travellers.

Opt for comfortable smart lounges and boarding services: SmartBus services ensure that female travellers are not put in potentially dangerous situations relieving one of the needs to always be on your toes regarding security. Clean, well-lit boarding facilities that offer ample comfortable seating space, and basic amenities like clean drinking water, coffee, and hygienic washrooms help with intermediate stops and unplanned delays throughout your travel making solo travel an enjoyable experience, free of anxiety or stress.

SmartBus with washrooms: Hygiene is a significant concern for customers. During a journey, washrooms are a major issue for women on Indian highways. Today many SmartBus have resolved this problem by incorporating inbuilt washrooms, ensuring that women are protected against infections and their hygiene needs are met.

Personalized Assistance Onboard: Along with the hygiene aspect, it is also important to be safe. Many reputed tech-driven intercity bus companies provide trained “SmartBus Captains” to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Well-trained bus crew members ensure a stress-free journey for solo women travellers.

Aim to be tech-savvy: While considering travelling by bus, most smart buses have features such as charging ports and Wi-Fi comes in handy during any journey. It will help to stay connected with friends and family back home and access travel apps and maps. It is important to choose tech-driven smart travel options whether one is opting for a bus or train. Once again, smart bus features such as real-time updates and customer support can help you stay informed and better equipped during your journey.

Book advanced tech-enabled SmartBuses that provide safe, secure, and reliable intercity and intracity travel experiences. The latest smart travel options are equipped with innovative features like in-crew apps, consumer platforms, and IOT-based fleet analytics that prioritize passenger safety. From the convenience of accessing the Wi-Fi-enabled lounge at the boarding location to the luxury of flat-bed private cabins, the most reputable of these companies are committed to providing comfortable and secure travel experiences.

Keep family informed by sharing tracking features available on smart transport options. Needless to say, security needs to be a top priority for solo women wanderers, hence sharing elements like live-tracking features allows family and friends to view a passenger’s real-time location and travel status. In addition, security cameras, and sensors onboard provide an extra layer of safety. Some of these buses are equipped with a Driver Monitoring and Alerting System which closely tracks driver behaviour and detects any signs of drowsiness, distraction, or rash driving. With systems that are even alert regarding potential driver fatigue, the new-age public surface transport innovations have truly revolutionized the safety aspect of mass transport and made it much more reliable and secure for solo women travellers on the go and reassuring for their worried friends and families back home.

The smart tech revolution has indeed transformed the way we travel, not only making it safer, and more efficient, but also more enjoyable and comfortable especially for solo female travellers and their families and friends who thus far tended to be on tenterhooks. By leveraging innovative technologies and smart travel options, women have been empowered with the freedom to explore new destinations with peace of mind. Access to reliable, secure, and smart modes of transportation, coupled with comfortable boarding facilities and real-time tracking features, isn’t just a game-changer for solo female travellers in India – it indeed marks a revolution in holiday travel keeping families and individuals connected and protected every step of the way.

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