Legendary poet Bhima Bhoi neglected on birth anniversary today, watch

Sonepur: Today is Baisakha Purnima, the birth anniversary of legendary poet Bhima Bhoi. He propagated Mahima Dharma through his poems. However, the poet was neglected on his birth anniversary today.

In Subernapur the great poet and philosopher Bhima Bhoi was reportedly neglected. Even on today’s day, his statue was neither garlanded nor given respect. His statue was left unattended in a dirty garage in a dilapidated condition.

‘Praninka Arata Dukha Apramita Dekhu Dekhu kiba sahu, mo jibana pacche narke padithau jagata Uddhara hau’. Bhima Bhoi had penned this historic line that says that even though he himself (the poet) languishes in hell, let the world develop and uplift.

As per reports, Bhima Bhoi’s statue has been locked in an abandoned garage amid waste materials for the last two years. The garland that had been put long back on his neck has already dried up and dust particles are falling from it now. This is the scene from the PWD office garage in the district headquarter of Subarnapur.

Earlier, on today’s day this statue of Bhima Bhoi was being garlanded at the Block chhaka. From the morning only the district administration as well as the residents of the town used to show respect to the statue. However, today condition of the statue is pathetic. The intellectuals of Sonepur have criticised this and demanded establishment of the statue.

Statue of Bhima Bhoi is being removed

In 2005, after a request by the Subarnapur District Journalists Association, this statue of poet Bhima Bhoi had been established at the Block chhak. However, two years back the statue was removed from there for the widening of the road. And since then the statue has been kept in this way in a locked room.

The followers of Mahima Dharma have condemned this neglect. The intellectuals of Sonepur have said that if the statue will not be brought out and established soon, protests will be carried out.

We are yet to get reaction of the district administration in this regard.

It is to be noted that the medical college in Balangir has been named after Bhima Bhoi.

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