Kolkata Cab driver’s soulful singing of classical song goes viral: Watch

Although it seems a little bit unbelievable, but the happening I am going to narrate is true. A taxi driver rendered a classical vocal piece while sitting on the driver seat of his cab that has gone viral. As per reports this happened in Kolkata.

As per reports, Kolkata woman Brinda Dasgupta recently booked a cab in Kolkata. Later when she was travelling she hummed a song. Listening to it the cab driver asked her whether she is interested in music. She nodded and then found that the driver is also a very good singer. She asked the driver to sing something and recorded it on her phone and later posted it on her Facebook account. The rendition was so soulful that millions of netizens admired it and the piece went viral.

The driver, identified as Aryan Soni by Dasgupta sung a Hindustani classical bandish.

“A few months ago, I took an Uber from home to Altamira Art Gallery for some work. As I arbitrarily hummed bits of some song I do not remember now, Aryan Soni, this man who happens to be the cab driver asked me if I take interest in music. I smiled and nodded, then asked him if he does as well… This is what came out of the few sentences exchanged. Here’s hoping you lend your ears.” Brinda wrote on her Facebook post.

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