Know the Indian village where women don’t become widow with husbands’ death

Bhopal: Different tradition is being practiced in different places of the world. Some of the traditions, sometimes, fascinate us and seems to be strange. While reading this article, you will be surprised to know about a tradition which you might have never heard ever. There is a village in India where women don’t become widow with the death of their husbands; rather they get a new bridegroom.


There is a village in Madhya Pradesh (MP) where you will not get even a single widow. As per their tradition, women of this village never become widow. There is a completely unique tradition in Bihanga village of Mandla district of MP.

In the village, a woman who belongs to Gond tribal marries to any unmarried person of her husband’s family after his death.


It is not mandatory that the marriage should be done only with the elder or younger brother of the woman’s deceased husband. She can marry any male member who lives in her father-in-law’s house. If he doesn’t want to marry the widow, then he has to gift her silver bangles on the tenth day of her husband’s death.

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