Khalilagi niti of Lord Jagannath today, see what it entails

Puri: Today is the eleventh day of Anasara rituals in the temple. Lord Jagannath will be dressed in black robes for the Khalilagi niti scheduled to be observed on Tuesday in the Puri Srimandir.  Lord Jagannath and his siblings, who was ill and is being treated in the Ansarpindi, is slowly recovering.

The Lords shall be completely cured after the ‘Moodaka’ is applied today. Tomorrow the news of the Lord’s health will be given to the Puri Gajapati Maharaja Divyasingh Dev by the two chief servitors.

The Lord and his siblings who were at the Anasara ghara since Bannapurnima, have almost recovered. Today, on the eleventh day of the rituals the Dudita and Patimahapatra sevayats will apply sandalwood on the Lords. The sandalwood is mixed with camphor, keshar and required amount of musk.

Today Mahaprabhu and his siblings will be dressed in black robes for the Khalilagi niti. After applying Tulsi, Mahaprabhu will be fine. After that, Mahaprabhu will be completely cured. Today, there is a tradition of ringing bells during the khalilagi ritual to convey the message of healing to the devotees.

Before the eleventh day, there is a rule to attach tussi to the Lord, who is worshiped with white flowers. Tomorrow, on the 12th day of Ansar, the chief servitors will convey the news of the Lord’s recovery to the Puri Gajapati Maharaja Divyasingh Dev. It is worth mentioning here that the lLord and his siblings will start their annual sojourn on July 7.

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