Kapilash of Mayurbhanj: Naskoria Lord Shiva temple in Odisha, Watch

Kapilash of Mayurbhanj, Naskoria Lord Shiva temple in Rairangpur area of Mayurbhanj district is a unique shrine. Located atop the Naskoria hill there is no road or steps leading to the hill top where the temple of Lord Shiva is located. Yet, this cannot check devotees to reach near their God. Across the year and especially on Shivratri and Pana Sankranti, a large number of devotees flock to this shrine atop the hill climbing along the tough terrain of the Naskoria hill.


As per legends, for the first time a man named Siddheshwara Dhala from the Sundhala village from the Bhumija community had dreamt about presence of Lord Shiva at this place on the Naskoria hilltop. He initiated worship of the God here. He also meditated here for long years. Back then, the Naskaria hell was within the deep forest and surrounded by wild animals.

Hereditarily, his family continued worship of the Lord at this place. His family from the Sundhala village has been taking care of this shrine generation after generation.


Due to its location atop a hill, this shrine is famously known as the Kapilash of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha. People need to climb about 1800 feet to reach the shrine that is located inside a cave on the hilltop.

This shrine is located on the Naskoria hill near the Gorumahisani mine in Rairangpur block of Mayurbhanj district. The place is 96 km away from the district head quarter Baripada and 13 km away from Rairangpur, the nearest town.


Shivratri and Pana Sankranti are the two major festivals which are celebrated at Naskoria Lord Shiva temple with pomp and show with massive participation of devotees. This year also thousands of devotees participated in the Maha Shivratri festival here few days back. Not only from the nearest town or Odisha, but devotees from the neighbouring States like West Bengal and Jharkhand also visit here.


The devotees have intimated that despite gifted with natural scenes and serene atmosphere, which normally attracts tourists, this place is yet to get attention of the Tourism Department of the State. And hence, we cannot see any developmental works here. There is no steps leading to the hill top, no drinking water facility or any other basic amenities here.

The place is 2700 feet away from the main road while the shrine is 1800 feet above the ground on the hill top. And there is no road or steps. Besides, there is risk of getting hurt while climbing the hill.

The devotees have demanded that if Government will come forward to develop this place to beautify it as a tourist place, large number of devotees will visit here.

Written by: Himanshu Guru

With inputs from: Sk Saddam, Rairangpur, Kalinga TV


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