K Sreenath: The Kerala Porter Who Cracked Public Service Examinations Using Station WiFi

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Bhubaneswar/Ernakulam: The Railway Station is a place synonymous with noisy trains, screechy vendors selling their ware, busy passengers getting in and out of trains, porters carrying loads, luggages, rest rooms, eateries and so on. For any aspiring Civil Service candidatde, this is the last place where he would prefer to study.

However, the story of Sreenath K is an exception. Working as a porter (coolie) at the Ernakulam railway station in Kerala, Sreenath successfully cracked the written examination of the prestigious Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC), by studying on the railway platform while doing work simultaneously.

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As he could not leave his job to enrol in a coaching institute for preparations, the free WiFi at the Railway station proved to be a great boon for him. Using free WiFi facility, Sreenath listened to online lectures, practised sample question papers, gave mock tests and also filled up the online forms for appearing in various competitive examinations. He would listen to online lectures using his earphones and used to revise everything once he was back home at night.

Sreenath is a high-school passout. He hails from Munnar in Kerala and had taken up the job of a coolie because of financial constraints. However, he had immense faith in himself due to which he was able to crack one of the most difficult exams in the country with flying colours.

Sreenath now hopes to clear his interview after which he is likely to be posted as a Village Field Assistant in the Kerala Land Revenue Department. He says that he will keep studying hard and would appear for exams in the future. He cannot quit his job because he has a house to run but at no cost will he allow his dreams to take a backseat in life. He still uses the Railway WiFi to prepare for his Personal Interview while studying for other exams.

The determination of Sreenath to succeed helped him in transforming his life. His story shows that by working hard, one can shine in life. Success is no accident. It is hard work, sacrifice and love for what you are doing.

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