Interesting Facts About Male Grooming. Read On

Bhubaneswar: Male grooming is the fastest-growing segment in the personal care market. Research says that the global market for male grooming is going to reach 23.9 billion US$ by 2022.

It is now a fact that men want to look their best. They commonly use cleansers and moisturizing lotions for face and body as well as lip balms. Especially those working in corporate sector consider that their appearance plays an important role when it comes to their success and longevity in the business. Men are also more conscious about protecting their skin from pollution and sun.

Here are some interesting facts about male grooming which you probably did not know.

  • Grooming Ritual:

The average man has an 80-minute grooming ritual. This includes everything from cleansing, toning, moisturising and shaving to hair-styling and choosing clothes.

  • Hair Removal:

The number of men seeking laser hair removal for their furry feet or chest has doubled in the past year.

  • Gym:

Men spend a year and three months of their lives in the gym perfecting their bodies.

  • Facial Hair Grooming:

Men can grow up to 30 feet of facial hair throughout their lives and will spend about 3,000 hours shaving.

  • Hair-Styling:

85 per cent of men spend more than half an hour styling their hair every day. While 42 per cent own their own hairdryer and 36 per cent have straighteners.

  • Impression:

90 per cent of men admit that they would like to look good without appearing as if they’ve tried too hard.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: 

From 2000 to 2010, global demand for male cosmetic surgery surged by 258 per cent.

  • Grooming Products:

Just over half of men use between six and ten cosmetic items each day – including shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower gel, shaving cream, shave balm, aftershave and hair styling product.

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