Inspiring tale of an old man who had wished to donate his body

Berhampur: Radha Ballav Patnaik died a natural death two days ago and today his body was donated to the hospital.

Some people set an example as a living person, while there are some others who even praised after their demise for their good deeds. Radha Ballav Patnaik was a man who garnered appraisal even after his death.

Family members of the 64-year-old man donated his body to the anatomy department of the MKCG Medical College and Hospital here. They intimated that late Pattnaik had made the last wish to donate his body after his death.

“He used to help people and always told us not to cremate his body. Accordingly, we donated his body to the anatomy department which can be useful for the medical students to know about human anatomy. We have kept his nails and hairs for the funeral rites as per Hindu tradition,” said Kirtimaya Patnaik, a relative of the deceased.

The principal of the MKCG Medical College Dr. Radha Madhav Tripathy hailed the family members. “We are finding it difficult to get bodies for research and the body will be used for dissection by first-year students. Donation of the whole body is a noble work and it will definitely help medical students,” said Tripathy.

Medical College authorities said that this is the fourth incident of donation of the body to the College.

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