How to talk to the GenX kids

As kids what all of us wanted was to grow up and be an adult. And now as an adult, apart from other responsibilities, we get to be the grown-up for the children around us. What could be better than being the favourite uncle/aunt to friends or siblings’ kids? But is it really easy interacting with these GenX kids?

The new millenia GenX kids are the ones who seem to be perpetually stuck to their precious electronic gadgets and grow up with a lacking to be social beings. But they have also grown to be more perceptive than their previous generations due to media exposure. And with the current social scenario, they also become easy victims of predators due to their obvious social detachments.

How to talk to kids

As a parent or just an adult who gets be around kids, how and what could be done to increase our rapport with these little bundles of joy. More importantly, why do we need the rule/guide book? Because not just our kids, but also our society has changed. It is going downhill and we must come together to prevent the situation from worsening.

Here are some tips that we can implement:

Think and walk like them

Kids these days are more perceptive than you and I can ever imagine. First of all, stop treating them as if they are one blob of undecipherable mess. Talk to them as if they are your friend and once your attitude change so will theirs. Don’t patronize them at any cost. Ask them their opinion and then take a collective decision based on their input; don’t just dictate your decision. Humour is a big help. Laugh with them at their antics and their jokes. Keep the sarcastic vibes at bay.

How to talk to kids

Don’t try too hard, But don’t give up either

Kids can smell your desperation; the ‘how’ is difficult to explain. Don’t force your presence on them and let them be. It’s sometimes nice to be not noticed sometimes, especially for an introvert. It is never easy for a socially anxious person to interact. Let them be and maybe they will want to interact eventually.

Don’t ask silly questions

Never start off with a vague or a silly question. The first impression does matter. What did you eat or what did you do at school have become mundane for millennial kids. Talk to them about their likes and dislikes or even their favourite TV show. Dance or sing with them rather than just sit and talk. And even if you do end up asking a silly question, do not fret. Kids have bigger hearts and they do tend to forgive easily.How to talk to kids


Keep them aware of the social menace

Simply asking the kid to be careful will not help. Make them aware of what is actually happening and why they need to do what they are doing. Even a good touch-bad touch discussion will go a long way. Let them know that they need to be careful not just for themselves but also for their friends. Prepare them for any kind of adverse situation. That is definitely the least we could for them.

Talk to them about mental health

Making kids aware of mental health and issues that can arise out of it is also equally important. While it can be difficult to find the words to talk to your kids about depression, anxiety and mental illness. But starting the conversation early can give kids a healthy head start.

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