5 tips to improve English speaking & writing skill


Communication skills play a significant role in defining one’s personality. And hence you need to improve English. You may be knowledgeable and talented. But if your communication skills are not strong you have to face awaked situations in life.


On the other hand, if you possess good communication skills you always will be benefited. Adding to that if you are confident in your language you can build a positive impression in others’ mind.

Everyone needs English

You will not disagree with the point that in today’s world the English language plays a key role in our lives. Whether you are a student, job holder, job aspirant or homemaker, you definitely need to know English. And hence it is time to improve English.

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Effect on confidence

Despite having appropriate and in-depth knowledge often people fail to present their views. It is due to their poor communication skills. Moreover, when language is the barrier, your self-confidence gets low and you feel dejected. Hence, it’s always advisable to make your weakness as your strength.

The hidden desire

You might have encountered situations in your life where your English knowledge has become your weakness. As a result, you felt embarrassed. After such situations, you have a hidden desire to speak fluent English. But do you know how to improve your English?

Here are five excellent tips that will be your best friend on your journey to improve English. If you practice these five tips regularly, the day is not far when you will be amazed by your communication skills-

  1. Make your Grammar strong

    – The first and important step to improve English is to be strong in grammar. When you understand and are aware of the right grammar usage you can speak with confidence.

  2. Learn at least 5 new words per day

    – Make it a habit to learn new words with its meaning from the dictionary regularly. By doing this you will come across new words that will be useful in the future. This habit will make your vocabulary strong as well.

  3. Read books

    – Keep a dictionary with you and everyday read for one hour. You may read newspapers, magazines, novels anything of your choice. Of course, while reading, make sure that you understand the subject.

  4. Writing practice

    – To improve English only reading is not sufficient. But you need writing practice as well. Every day pick a topic of your interest and write whatever comes to your mind.

  5. Speaking is must

    -Try to converse in English with your friends and family members without hesitation. If you don’t have anyone to hold a conversation than stand in front of a mirror and speak in English.

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  1. Sumit Negi says

    Very basic and helpful tips.
    Great work.

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