How to celebrate Radha Ashtami

The 8th day of the bright fortnight in the Hindu month of Bhadrav is celebrated as Radhastami, the birthday of Goddess Radha. This day falls exactly after 15 days of Janmastami, the birth day of Lord Shree Krishna.

As per sayings, by worshipping Goddess Radha on Radhastami, the Goddess bestows the worshipper with joy and prosperity in life. And women devotees get blessed with good fortune.

In Radha Astami vrat, devotees keep fasting and worship Goddess Radha with the help of incense stick, lamp, flowers, sandalwood paste, unbroken rice (Akhyata), Kumkum and fruits. In the afternoon devotees worship Goddess Radharani.

It is said when Lord Vishnu took incarnation as Shree Krishna, Goddess Laxmi incarnated as Radharani. The birthday of Goddess Radha is celebrated as Radhastami.

Akin to Janmastami, Radha ashtami has immense religious value. It is said; by doing Radhastami vrat all vices get purified. Married women keep this fast for good fortune, happiness and peace. Besides, this vrat is also kept to get sons and daughters.

As per holy books, if someone pleases Goddess Radha, Lord Krishna automatically gets pleased. Hence, the devotees, who want to gratify Lord Krishna, should worship Goddess Radha. By keeping Radhastami vrat, Goddess Laxmi comes to our house and blesses with every wish that one makes.

Radhastami also speaks about the selfless divine love between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. In Hinduism, Goddess Radha is worshipped along with Lord Krishna as Radhakrishna.

Radha astami 2022: Date and Timing

Today (September 4) Radha ashtami will remain till 10.40pm in the night. Hence, many people are celebrating Radha ashtami today.

Procedure of worship during Radhastami:

Take bath in the morning after completing your daily chores.

In the worship room of your house, establish a Kalas made off either soil or cupper.

Place a cupper pot on the kalas.

Wrap some new clothes on this pot and establish idol of Goddess Radharani on this pot.

And then worship Goddess Radha with ‘Sodasa Upachar’ using incense stick, lamp, flowers, sandalwood paste, unbroken rice (Akhyata), Kumkum and fruits etc.

Following completion of worship, give food and dakhina to married women or bramhins.

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