How to become wealthy by keeping peacock feather at home in Shravana

‘Shravana’, the holy month is dedicated to Lord Bhola Shankar. It is believed that the hard work done by the Lord’s devotees in this month using various methods bears fruit quickly.

Again, there are many benefits of keeping peacock feathers at home during the holy month of Shravana. At least by adopting certain simple means one can earn abundant wealth.

Peacock feathers are highly valued in Astrology and Vastu shastra. If something is done in the month of Shravana using a special method involving the “Mayur Pankha,” the financial crisis will be eliminated, as will many difficulties in life.
Peacock feathers have great significance in Hinduism, according to astrologers and Vastu shastra. Many people collect peacock feathers and display them in their homes. Peacocks are used as a symbol of the cycle of time in many Hindu sculptures. Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head and ties them to his flute. So, if one does something special with peacock feathers during the month of Shravan, they will have Lord Bholenath’s blessing. You will be able to resolve your financial issues, evil-eye issues, planetary faults, and other issues in this manner.

When someone worships Krishna with the feathers on his crown, one can be blessed with auspiciousness, wealth, health, and transcendent knowledge. It also aids in the attainment of self-knowledge. Peacock feathers have extraordinary powers and can change someone’s life for the better.

Find out how a peacock feather can help you solve problems:

If someone is having financial difficulties, they can place a statue of Lord Krishna and Radharani in their home temple and worship them with a peacock feather. After 40 days, place the feather in your money box which will bring more money to your house, and the financial crisis will be over.

Placing a peacock feather in the southeast corner of your home protects it from unexpected or sudden problems.

The peacock feather also eliminates ‘Kala Sarpa Dosha’ (the possibility of being bitten by a snake). On Monday night, people who have been bitten by a snake should place seven peacock feathers under their pillows.

Peacocks and snakes are believed to hate and despise each other. Shani (Saturn) and Rahu are associated with the snake. Placing a peacock feather on the east and north-south doors of the house, on the other hand, prevents any problems caused by Rahu’s impact.

Keeping a peacock feather and a ‘Chandi Tabiz’ (Silver Talisman) towards the head of a newborn baby, day and night protects the baby from any fearful feelings and removes all evil-eye effects.

If you are concerned that your enemy will ruin your life in the near future, apply the ‘sindoor’ (vermillion) from Lord Hanuman’s head on a peacock’s feather and write the name of the enemy on a piece of paper and keep it in the home temple on Tuesday and Saturday nights. Submerge it in water the next day without taking a bath.


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