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High cholesterol: 6 Warning Signs That Appear On Skin


High cholesterol can be fatal and cause unexpected death. Most often, arteries become blocked with cholesterol and other deposits, which decreases blood flow to the heart, leading to sudden cardiac arrest. High blood cholesterol levels can be caused by living a sedentary lifestyle; consuming a lot of fatty foods, not exercising, drinking alcohol, or smoking. Chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure also increase the risk of death by high cholesterol.

Although high cholesterol typically doesn’t cause any symptoms, a quick blood test can be used to check the levels. However, discreet indications of cholesterol can also be seen on the skin.

Here is what to look out for:

1. A net-like pattern on the skin that is blue or purple on the skin: When it’s cold outside, this shows up. It can mean that your arteries are blocked, which is a sign of cholesterol embolization syndrome.

2. Psoriasis: According to recent studies, excessive cholesterol levels and psoriasis are related.  In the medical term, it is known as Hyperlipidemia.

3. Ulcers in feet or leg which don’t heal quickly: These ulcers may reoccur in persons with excessive cholesterol. This occurs because the wounds do not receive enough blood to heal.

4. Change in the colour of skin and elevated dryness: This occurs because having high cholesterol levels might cause the blood flow beneath your skin to decrease. Skin colour changes because skin cells don’t receive adequate nutrients. Legs that have been raised or that have been standing for a long time may turn purple or develop a pale colour.

5. Xanthelasma: i.e., a waxy growth around the corner of the eyes that are yellow or orange. Under the epidermis, there are cholesterol buildups that are the cause of this.

6. Xanthoma: Similar to a xanthelasma, although this growth can also be found on the palms and the back of the lower thigh. Eliminating these patches will be easier if your cholesterol is under control.

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