Happenings in Debasmita-Subhranshu’s life, an anecdote of love & sacrifice: Watch

The story of Debasmita and Subhranshu is not less than the plot of a Bollywood film. Yet, this is not film, but dare reality. The two started loving each other eight years ago. In the meanwhile Debasmita faced a major setback. Normally, from such point many life partners abandon their fellow partner. Yet, this did not happen in this case. Subhranshu proved his love and stayed with his girlfriend. Finally they recently tied the nuptial knot with each other amid sound of conch and hymns by the priest in presence of family members, relatives and friends.

Debasmita and Subhranshu hail from the Khandrapada area of Balasore district in Odisha. They started loving each other from the first sight only. And this sweet incident took place in 2015, about eight years back from now.

Like other love birds they also met each other at different places, dined together and spent sweet moments for years. By 2019 the family members of both of them had given consent to their marriage and it had been finalized. Yet, at this juncture a big hurdle came on their way.

In 2019 Debasmita got paralysed. It is not clearly known how she was attacked by paralysis but since then she could not move from bed. She remained bedridden and had to depend on others to execute even her daily chores.

Now, Debasmita needed a person who should literally stay near her to help her live a general life. At this juncture Subhranshu came to her rescue. He did not leave his now-paralysed girlfriend. Rather, he stayed with her like a shadow and helped her so that she can execute her chores, live a normal life and become happy.

If we talk about the super hit Bollywood film ‘Mann’ starring Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala, the plot was very much similar to this real happening. Aamir and Manisha’s characters loved each other that started during a sea voyage. Their relationship was nodded by Aamir’s grandma character. And when back in Mumbai, they wanted to marry, ahead of that Manisha’s character loses her two legs in a road accident while she was on her way to meet Aamir. After turning handicap she voluntarily wanted to go away from Aamir’s life so that with this sacrifice though she would still be in sorrow, but Aamir can get a normal wife. Yet, after a series of filmy incidents, Aamir comes to know about the reality and still wants to marry his girlfriend.

Almost the same thing happened in Subhrashu and Debasimta’s case. Subhranshu did not leave his lover to live a paralysed life, but he stayed back with her and finally now solemnized marriage with her. Although, in today’s time such incidents seem unusual and rare, this has happened and this is not film, but staunch reality.

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