Gujarat’s top street food picks

We love Gujarati food because it is tangy, sweet, and somewhat spicy. Gujarati cuisine, a vegetarian's delight, combines basic vegetables.

New Delhi:  We love Gujarati food because it is tangy, sweet, and somewhat spicy. Gujarati cuisine, a vegetarian’s delight, combines basic vegetables with mild spices to make mouthwatering dishes that will have you licking your fingers. If you visit Gujarat, or live in Gujarat don’t forget to sample some of the mouthwatering local fares.


This delicate meal is folded up and is one of the most well-liked Gujarati snacks. It contains curry leaves, coconut, and mustard seeds in addition to being made with gram flour. This melt-in-your-mouth snack goes perfectly with a cup of tea.


This delicious dish is made using a flavourful concoction of rice, lentils, coriander, buttermilk, flour, and bottle gourd. This dish can be served with any chutney of your choosing.


Another delicious and crispy typical Gujarati street snack is Patra. It is a bite-sized, rolled-up snack similar to Khandvi. Arbi ka patta, however, is used to make Patra. This quick and simple street cuisine is steam-cooked.


Dabeli is one of the popular Gujarati street foods that is enjoyed not only in the state but also throughout the entire country. The best aspect of Dabeli is that each person can alter the traditional dish to suit their preferences. Don’t forget to add garlic chutney if you want it hot!

Fafda and Jalebi

Enjoy the delicious flavour of jalebis while balancing it with a bite of Fafda. These two snacks are commonly mixed together and frequently taken in excess. Gram flour, turmeric, and cardamom seeds are used to make fafdas, which are then fried into long, crispy strips and served with chutney on the side. Jalebis are also produced by deep-frying a batter consisting of maida flour and then drenching it with sugar syrup.

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