God Budha Kartika of Balasore gets puppets in offering

Balasore: Lord Budha Kartika worshipped in Balasore is offered puppets along with other things. The rare ritual can be witnessed during the worship of the Lord on the Sankranti day in the Hindu month of Margasira. As per reports, Lord Budha Kartika is being worshipped every year in the pandal here since 1837.

Another specialty of Lord Budha Kartika is that issueless women can be blessed with sons and daughters by the blessings of this God. Devotees keep fast and worship God to be blessed with children.

While Kartika puja is observed in Odisha on the Kartika Purnima day, worship of Budha Kartika is done on the Sankranti day in the month of Margasira.

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While many other Kartika idols are worshipped on the Sankranti day in Balasore, the huge Kartika idol that is worshipped at Barabati of Balasore is called Budha Kartika. Due to the huge size of the idol, He is called so, according to the locals.

The main rituals of the worship are performed during the night on the Sankranti day. And along with sweets, fruits and other things the God is also offered with puppets. It is believed that Lord Budha Kartika is very fond of children and he becomes happy to get puppets as an offering, for which he blesses for children.

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