Four families of this Odisha village face social boycott

These families belong to the fishermen caste. They have been living in Bajarsul village under Jaleswar block of Balasore district since long, but are still allegedly become victim of social discrimination. However, the villagers have refuted the allegations

Balasore: Four families of a village in Balasore district of Odisha are allegedly facing social boycott. The villagers have allegedly restricted them from participating in different festivals as well as from using other facilities.

Getting no other ways, finally members of these four families have lodged a complaint with police to get justice. The incident has taken place in the Bajarsul village under Jaleswar block of the district.

Even after 76 years of independence, the four families of the fishermen caste are living in isolation in the village. The villagers are allegedly not allowing them to go nearby. Even so, there is no right of these families to sit and eat together during village festivals and fairs.

After living such ostracized life for years, the four families have finally knocked the door of justice. They have lodged complaint with police for social justice.

The four Kaivarta (also called Keuta) or fishermen families have been living in this village since long. However, being born in a low caste they are not allowed to mix up with the villagers. Even they are not allowed to use the facilities including water and fire of the village. Moreover these families can’t use or hire the vehicles which are used for farming of the village.

Things crossed all limits a few months ago when one of these families died. Following the death, no one from the village even came near to touch the body.

In Bajarsul village, the families of Umakant Brahma, Purnchandra Brahma, Pradeep Brahma and Pratap Brahma have been living in this village for many years. These 4 families have been socially boycotted.

Earlier, people were suffering from caste discrimination, but now the time have changed. Today there should not be any place for social stigma. Even, rules have been imposed to tackle caste discrimination. The constitution has recommended equality for the citizens. They are also provided equal opportunities. Hence, it is tough for the young generation of these families to bear such social discrimination. And hence they have protested against the injustice and pleaded for justice. However, the villagers have completely refuted such allegations.

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