Foods that help in Post Covid recovery; Here’s a guide to gaining your strength back

As the world is continues to live under the terrors of the deadly Corona virus, it is important to follow all the safety measures. However, if one gets effected by it, the procedure to cure is long and tiring. Supposedly even if one does defeat the novel virus victoriously, they still need to take extra care to recover their health to the previous stage.

Majority of the people effected by Covid-19 are experiencing fatigue, weakness, as well as loss of energy, appetite and strength. That is because the body used all it’s energy to fight the effects of the virus. Naturally, there is depletion that the body needs to replenish. Although eating well is one of the quickest ways to regain strength, eating right is more important to recover post-Covid and become fit again.

What To Eat

Protein is one of the most important nutrition to fight weakness. Therefore, include eggs, milk and milk products, pulses, chicken, fish, nuts and pumpkin seeds, etc which are rich source of protein.

Other than that an antioxidant rich diet is also beneficial to help regain the good bacteria in our body which helps our body to fight any future illness. Including food such ginger, garlic, raw turmeric, green tea, and coloured fruits and vegetables can increase our immunity and provide us with the necessary anti-oxidants.

You should have three major meal per day— breakfast, lunch, dinner. Have small and frequent meals and consume foods that are high in fibre; such as salads and fruits.

What to Drink

It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day to help it heal and stay nourished. But it is even more important to replenish fluids that you may have lost during Covid. Drink around 3-3.5 litres of water every day. However, if it is hard for you to consume water in such huge quantity, try in-taking fluids in different forms such as herbal teas, or tasty and healthy water infusions. Include soups, coconut water and fresh juices in your diet.

Avoid Junk Food

As good as it feels to your mouth, junk food can actually dim your energy and make you feel uneasy. Therefore, restrict the intake of processed foods such as chips, namkeens, biscuits, and chocolates. Also watch the amount of refined sugar you intake even in forms of various sugar desserts. On the other hand, high salt food can also slower the process of healing. So, restrict the intake of salt items like papad, chutney, and pickles.

Many people equate junk-food with comfort food, when in reality they do more harm than good. If you are one of those, maybe you can try shifting to healthier snacks such as, nuts and seeds. They are great sources of essential fatty acids including Omega-3, and boost energy while also being delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you can avoid delicious pastries by biting onto an apple or a banana.

Try These 5 Recovery Foods

According to nutritionists, there are certain foods that can help speed up the recovery process after every serious illness. Protein rich foods such as eggs or paneer (cottage cheese), are one of the necessary supplement to consume. Lentils, nuts and seeds also help in recovering from protein-deficiency and allow the body to recover fast.

Second is a zinc-rich item. Fish is enriched in zinc that will help control viral infections and reduce the ability of the virus to multiply.

‘Ghee’ is one of the most talked milk product with several health benefits. Ghee and white butter helps our lungs to recover fast.

Next in the list are high immunity building and anti-inflammatory foods, such as, kadhas, raw turmeric, basil, ginger and garlic. These are the must haves, either include it to the food you intake or have it raw if you can. They boost immunity in our bodies and and help fight viruses and infections.

Last but not the least, vitamin C. It is basic knowledge that Vitamin C helps our body fight common cold, but it also helps the body heal quickly. Some vitamin C rich food includes Broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, kiwi and citrus fruits.

Remember, recuperation can be much faster and easier if you just follow these expert-backed tips and recommendations.

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