Five mouth-watering foods to eat in rainy season

Monsoon is a lovely weather, right!

The climate is perfect, not too cold, and not too hot. The temperature is moderate and it is combined with the amazing cloud formations and rain droplets. Just imagine, in this perfect weather, you cuddle with your partner and have a cute romance for a while and then go for spicy snacks. If you choose to eat spicy snacks then there are a few foods that you can have with your partner.

Here are five foods that you can eat during monsoon; these foods will calm your cravings.

  • Pakoras

Garam Garam Pakoras with Chai is one of the best snacks to have for the rainy season. Your mouth is watering now right!  Now, don’t hesitate and go straight to your kitchen to prepare pakodas and a cup of tea.   You can prepare pakodas of your choice. Also, add mint sauce and imli chutney.

  • Samosa

Samosa is one of the best drool-worthy snacks for monsoon. The smell of chill in the air and the moist outdoors and the ambience of rain droplets outside, Perfect right! It makes the best combination. Its warm and crisp taste will satisfy you for sure.  So, without giving a second thought just prepare and enjoy this amazing taste of Samosa.

  • Soup

A bowl of hot soup, flavoured with toppings of garlic, onions, and ginger will make you feel and keep as the weather becomes a bit chilly.

Soup with green veggies is good for health as well. It helps in clear nasal passages and also promotes increased secretions. It also helps in flushing out bacteria and viruses

  • Vada-pav

Vada pav can take our taste buds to ecstasy. If you haven’t tried Mumbai ka Vada Pav in the rainy season try today.  It tastes even more satisfying when it is served with green chilli along with red chilli paav. It can beat the cold raindrops with the pleasure of hot vada-pav. Thus it’s best for the monsoon.

  • Ginger Tea

If it is monsoon then try ginger tea. You should enjoy every single sip of ginger tea with a fresh aroma of ginger flavour. Ginger tea is beneficial for health ad well. It can help to fight the common cold, It also clears out the throat and helps in allergies as well.

Adding further, ginger tea can also have the ability to clear stomach-related problems.

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