Famous Vyasa Sarovar Mela of Odisha’s Jajpur district


Jajpur: The famous ‘Vyasa Sarovar Mela’ is observed at the Vyasa Pitha of Jajpur district in Odisha every year. A large number of devotees visit the Pitha here to witness the mela as well as to spend some time in a divine atmosphere.

This year the famous Vyasa Sarovar Mela kicked off from the Bhouma Ekadasi that is also known as Bada Ekadasi on February 1. On this occasion Maharshi Vyasadev of the mythological age as well as his devotee Raghav jew are being worshipped by the devotees. This is a unique occasion when both, the mentor and his disciple are worshipped together here.

A large number of devotees visit to the Vyasa Pitha, take a glimpse of the God and sprinkle the holy water of the Vyasa Sarovar on them here during the famous Vyasa Sarovar Mela. It is believed that by sprinkling the holy water they earn virtues. Vyasa Sarovar is also known as Gupta Ganga, the hidden Ganges.

On the other hand during the famous Vyasa Sarovar Mela the saints of Mahima cult light the ‘Akhanda Dhuni’ ( a holy fire) in the Mahima Ashram of the Vyasa Bhumi.

The famous Vyasa Sarovar Pitha is located on the outskirts of the Vyasa Nagar town in Jajpur district of Odisha. The said pitha has been described in the Sarada Upakshyana of the Odia Mahabharat written by Sudramuni Sarala Das.

As per legends, after temporarily being defeated by the Pandavas, Duryodhan had hid himself on the lap of Goddess Laxmi inside the Gupta Ganga situated here. Back then, as Bhima comes to this place and calls out Duryodhan for a fight, after few attempts Duryodhan comes out of the water to fight with Bhima. As per belief Duryodhan got defeated in the fight and was killed here.

Besides, it is also believed that great sage Vyasa Dev had drafted the last episode (Sesha Parva) of Mahabharat here.

Famous Vyasa Sarovar Mela

This pitha is also said to be the Sadhana Pitha of Vyasa Dev’s devotee Raghav jew. This is also his burial ground. To commemorate this mythological episode Sage Vyasa Dev and Raghav Jew are being worshipped here at one place.

During the days of the famous Vyasa Mela singing of Bhajan and Sankirtan go on in the premises of the Raghav Jew temple.

This year all arrangements have been made by the Municipality for hassle free visit of devotees to the fair. The fair begins from Bada Ekadasi to continue for 11 days. This year the mela will continue till 11 February.


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