Famous Olakana Dola Melana observed in Odisha’s Cuttack district

Famous Olakana Dola Melana festival has been observed in Olakana in Cuttack district of Odisha since last many years. Olakana Dola Melana is an age old affair. This is famous because this has been described in mythology.

Olakana Dola in Mythology

In the Dwapara Yuga, following the hermitage of the Pandavas, which they had to undergo for losing from the Kauravas in the game, they returned to Hastinapur, the capital of erstwhile Kuru Kingdom.

Then, the Pandavas had not been given ‘pada’ to live. Accordingly, Lord Shree Krishna the companion, cousin brother, well-wisher and advisor of Pandavas went to King Duryodhan to seek 5 padas (villages) for Pandavas but he denied providing any land.

Hence, the Lord returned back to today’s Olakana in Odisha and reached the Ashram of Bidura. This great devotee of Lord Krishna gave greens fry and rice to the Lord to eat. Being satisfied with this, Lord asked Bidura to seek for a boon.

Accordingly, the devotee said that he would like to see the Lord both in the incarnation of Hara and Hari. To this, the Lord said him that on the 14th day in the Sukla Pakshya (bright fortnight) in the month of Phalguna he can get a glimpse of the God at the dawn as Lord Harihara.

It is believed that since that Puranic age every year Lord Shree Krishna visits here along with Lord Shiva on the 14th day of the Phalguna month. It is to be noted that Lord Krishna is known as Hari and Lord Shiva is known as Hara.

Olakana Dola Celebration

In the Bhadreswar Biman, along with the idols of Lord Radha Krishna Lord Shiva also comes here. This Biman comes from the shrine of Lord Birabhadreswara. In this Biman (palanquin) along with the idols of Lord Radha Krishna two idols of cobras made off cupper are also placed.

On the occasion of Dola Purnima the Lord’s holy palanquin is brought to the filed in a ceremonial procession amid sound of 108 numbers of Ghantas to the Melana Padia. In the morning hour the area gets filled with a divine atmosphere. This Palanquin is brought to the Melana Padia to fulfil the boon asked by Bidura.

In other hundreds of palanquins Lord Radha-Krishna comes but only in one palanquin both Hara and Hari comes. This tradition has been executed since last long years.

None of the palanquins that come to the Olakana Melana are invited. Also, none of them are given farewell. It is believed that here both the God and devotees meet each other.

The palanquin from the King’s palace along with the Biman of Goddess Laxmi enters the Olakana Melana field from the East. And later the other palanquins come. In the West side, all the palanquins are allowed to the field after the Biman of Lalitgiri.

Similarly, in the North side the Olasuni Biman and palanquin of the Mishra family enters first and then the other palanquins are given entry. And in the South, after the Mandua biman other palanquins enter.

The procession

All these palanquins enter the filed amid Sankirtana, sound of bells and conches, Bull dance and torches. Also firecrackers are burst in respect of the Gods and Goddesses and the whole of it creates a divine atmosphere.

Finally the palanquin of Lord Birabhadreswara comes to the field. An Alati is performed for Bidura and with that the traditions are said to be executed.

Large numbers of devotees from different districts of Odisha flock to Olakana to witness this famous Olakana Dola Melana. It is believed that whoever visits the Olakana mela all his wishes are fulfilled by the grace of God.

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